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GO Engineering Ltd. was established in 2005 by Omar Hasan, an engineer with wide professional experience,

spanning over 25 years, in managing and executing special engineering projects, and a B.Sc. - First Class Honors - in Civil Engineering from the University of Coventry, England.

Omar has a master’s degree in civil engineering from the Technion, with specialization in management and business initiatives.  


Omar's direct involvement in large and complicated projects, along with that of his company, GO, allowed the company to accumulate extensive practical experience in the fields of execution, finding creative and high-quality solutions through direct and cost-effective management and supervision, while striving for excellence and uncompromising quality.  


Strict adherence to professionalism, quality and reliability is perceived by Omar Hasan, who began his career by managing

a project at the Baha'i premises in Haifa, as the cornerstone of his company.

The Baha'i project shaped the future path of GO Ltd., paving the way for its impressive progress and success in all the projects in which it has been involved since then, to the full satisfaction of the customer and other stakeholders.  


GO Ltd's customers receive our full attention throughout the project - beginning with the definition of needs and preliminary specifications, through the course of implementation, and up to delivery and usage periods and the project's operation.



The company's vision

We strive to continue to create convenient and efficient solutions for our customers, beginning with counseling and design, through coordination and management and up to the high quality and strict record keeping of the erection, restoration, conservation and environmental development, in the different sectors of society, all around Israel.


To achieve our goal, we will continue to develop and improve our standards, combining thinking with the creative solutions that characterize us, for the success of the project and the customer – which is also our success, pride and professional reputation.


Over the years, GO Ltd's satisfied customers have turned the company into a leading brand that enjoys an excellent reputation in the construction industry, and of this we are proud.








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